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Mendham Primary School

Sycamore Experience day 01.03.23

Sycamore class had a fabulous day yesterday getting into the roles of being explorers! Their day began realising that the plane they had travelled on had crashed into the rainforest and they were stranded and needed to survive. First of all, they needed to contend with 'crossing the swamp' together, collecting any items of equipment that might be useful for building a shelter on the other side. They used the equipment to build shelters to protect themselves from the brutal storm that was incoming. To keep their energy levels up, they built a fire and made sweet flatbread! Unfortunately, their camp and the forest were to be destroyed by business developers, which meant in the afternoon the children had to research the effects of human impact on our environments. They created banners and signs to put up around their camps and gave great arguments! The day was filled with collaboration, team building, imagination and creativity, resourcefulness, determination and resilience and enjoyment! We look forward to the children's independent pieces of writing that will follow! Many thanks to Mrs Newton for her help throughout the day.

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