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Mendham Primary School

Learning Pi



The ‘Learning Pi’ platform supports the Trust’s commitment that all pupils will benefit from well-designed learning opportunities ensuring that children develop future life skills.  The platform is being launched across the Trust at the start of this academic year and all pupils and will have access to it within the first half term.

The Trust’s drivers sit at the heart of curriculum as well as Learning Pi:

Learning Pi has a number of objectives:

  • A hub for pupils and families where progress and achievement can be reviewed and celebrated

    • that supports pupil/parent consultations
    • that demonstrates and values achievement in personal development
    • that demonstrates pupil attainment and progress in the reading, writing, maths and science
  • A hub for pupils and families to engage in learning opportunities designed to develop their – Personal Development, Creative Development and Community Engagement
  • A hub for teachers to discuss with pupils the characteristics of learning and how they can develop them
  • A hub where, with the class teacher, SEND pupils and their families can set meaningful targets for attainment
  • A hub where SEND pupils can track and celebrate their achievements in a broader context