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Mendham Primary School

Seedlings Class

Seedling class Autumn term update Welcome back!

It is so good to see you all, I hope you have all had a restful summer. We will begin this academic year taking me to get re-acquainted, make new friends and sealing back into school life. As part of this we will use the book ‘The Colour Monster’ to help us learn about our emotions and how they can make us feel. We will look at the changes taking place in the environment both classroom setting and natural world. We will begin phonics, phase 1 listening skills for all and phase 2 sounds for reception towards half term. As well as issuing reception with reading books we will introduce all children to the maths and phonics games libraries as well as the book library. More details about how we will be sending these home and how they should be returned when the time comes.

Welcome: I’m sure you will be pleased to welcome Miss Slade our new early years apprentice and a few new pupils too, Bayleigh, Emma, Oliver, Theo and Oscar.

What your child needs each day: Please limit what your child brings into school each day. Your child will need the following items which should be leR in school; •

  • Named wellies
  • PE kit; shorts, jogging bottoms, t-shirt, sweatshirt, spare socks and trainers named and double bagged.
  • A spare set of clothes, including pants and socks. Whether because of a toile=ng accident or fun in the water tray or mud kitchen, it is important that we can change your child if needed. Your child’s PE kit can double up as their spare set of clothes. Please ensure that if your child comes home in their spare clothes that a replacement set is sent into school for the following day.
  • Water bottle – named please, or we will write a name on it!
  • Waterproof trousers (as we can not currently share those belonging to school)

In addition to these items they will need;

  • Waterproof/warm coat for wet and cooler weather. We will go outside whatever the weather, sun, drizzle, downpour and snow. Please ensure that your child has an appropriate coat in school every day. Much of what we will do will be outside whatever the weather so this is essential.
  • After the initial onset of bringing the above into school, very little will need to be brought in on a daily basis therefore I see no need for a bag at the moment.

Forest School: Sessions will be run every Wednesday morning. Your child will need a change of clothes and appropriate outerwear for the weather. This will come home after each session.

PE: Will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure any kit that has come home if it has been used as a spare is returned before the next session.

Toys in school: While we understand that children often need an item from home to help them settle and feel secure we need to limit what comes into school. For this reason please discuss any need for a comforter with me before sending it into school. We would prefer photos of family members which we can share with children if they are unsettled. You are welcome to email these to me for printing.

Blue diary: We will not be using the blue diaries for the =me being therefore please ensure that you check your email account for any messages from staff. Please also use email to contact me if there is something that we need to know about your child each day. We may email you important information about an incident or accident that has happened during the day. I would appreciate a brief reply so that I know the message has been received as due to new routines staff will try, but may not be able, to verbally pass on messages.

At this point I would usually say ‘feel free to pop in to see me’ unfortunately this year it is not going to be possible to accept parents onsite and it will be neither private or easy to talk at drop off and collection. Therefore if you need to speak to me please do send me an email, or call the office. Either way I can arrange a mutually convenient time to call you to discuss and concerns of answer any questions. My email is

Many thanks

Nikki Jones