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Mendham Primary School

Sycamore Class

Dear Parents/Carers.

Welcome back to the summer term! We are excited to have all the children back in school now and look forward to all the learning we have planned for the summer term. Hopefully some warmer weather too!

The children will continue to enter through the front gate where there will sanitise their hands and have their temperature checked before entering the school building. Arrival time is between 8:20 and 8:30 am and registration will be between 8:30 and 8:40 am.

Lessons will run as before and children will need to bring a water bottle with them each day.

P.E. will continue to take place on a Friday afternoon. Children need to have their P.E kits brought into school and they will get changed as before with the boys and girls changing at separate times. The children will then return home in their P.E kits.

Wellies or footwear for the school field if it is wet- Hopefully the weather will improve and the children will not need their wellies on the school field for break times. However, there may be days when it has rained and the children will need appropriate footwear to go on the field.

Forest schools - Sycamore will now have forest schools on Wednesday afternoon so they will need to make sure they have appropriate clothing to be outside and waterproofs if possible. The school will maintain social distancing where possible and everyone will be advised to wash their hands more regularly to maintain good levels of hygiene. The classrooms will continue to be well ventilated and any items brought in from home should be kept to minimum.

Planners - For the time being there will be no planners sent home.

We understand that some children and parents may still be nervous about returning for the summer term and we will be doing work based around children’s well-being and if any parents have any questions, please do get in contact.

I hope that the information is helpful, but if you require any further information or have any queries please feel free to email.

Yours sincerely

Mr Sam Norfolk